Luxembourg is a small landlocked country bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. Its roots stretch back to the 10th century and its history is filled with fairy-tale stories of wars and victories, fortresses and promontories, dynasties and knights.

Luxembourg culture has been influenced by both Romance Europe and Germanic Europe, producing a unique mix. Luxembourgers are proud of their country with their national motto being: “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sin” (‘We want to remain what we are’).

The official languages are French, German and Luxembourgish – a dialect of German.The country is a representative democracy lead by a grand duke. However, it still remains a constitutional monarchy. Luxembourg is a highly developed economy, it has the second highest world GDP per capita when adjusted to the Purchasing Power Parity.

Low taxes and strict banking secrecy laws have created its reputation as a tax haven and lead to the development of Europe’s most powerful investment management centre.

Key Corporate Features


  • Basis of Legal System Civil
  • Type of Company Ltd
  • Tax on Offshore Profits 0-25.5%
  • Redomiciliation Permitted Yes
  • Time to Form 1-2 weeks

Corporate Requirements

  • Minimum Shareholders 1
  • Minimum Directors 1

Corporate Administration

  • Corporate Directors Permitted Yes

Local Requirements

  • Registered Office/Agent Yes
  • Company Secretary No
  • Director No
  • Meetings No

Public Filings

  • Directors Yes
  • Shareholders Yes
  • Beneficial Owners No

Annual Filing Requirements

  • Annual Return Yes
  • Audited Accounts Yes/No

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