Jersey is the largest island of the Channel Islands. It is located off the coast of Normandy and is a British Crown Dependency.

Jersey is not part of the UK or the European Union, but in both cases it has close relationships.

The official languages are English and French, however, the local language, Jèrriais, is also widely recognized.Jersey is an Independent state with its own fiscal, administrative and legal systems.

Low taxes make it very attractive for offshore banking.

Key Corporate Features


  • Basis of Legal System Common
  • Type of Company Ltd
  • Tax on Offshore Profits 0%
  • Redomiciliation Permitted Yes
  • Time to Form up to 14 days

Corporate Requirements

  • Minimum Shareholders 1
  • Minimum Directors 1

Corporate Administration

  • Corporate Directors Permitted Yes

Local Requirements

  • Registered Office/Agent Yes
  • Company Secretary No
  • Director No
  • Meetings No

Public Filings

  • Directors No
  • Shareholders Yes
  • Beneficial Owners Yes

Annual Filing Requirements

  • Annual Return Yes
  • Audited Accounts No

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