Belize is a small country on the eastern coast of Central America embraced by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

60% of the country’s surface is covered with tropical rainforest and its flora is highly diverse for its size. Belize is bordered by Mexico on the north and Guatemala on south and west.

Being a former colony of the United Kingdom, it recognizes Elizabeth II as its head of state.The official language is English, however, other recognized language include Kriol, Spanish, Guarifuna, Maya and Plautdietsch.Belize’s government and legal system are modeled on the Westminster system.

Key Corporate Features


  • Basis of Legal System Common
  • Type of Company IBC
  • Tax on Offshore Profits Nil
  • Redomiciliation Permitted Yes
  • Time to Form 5 days

Corporate Requirements

  • Minimum Shareholders 1
  • Minimum Directors 1

Corporate Administration

  • Corporate Directors Permitted Yes

Local Requirements

  • Registered Office/Agent Yes
  • Company Secretary No
  • Director No
  • Meetings No

Public Filings

  • Directors No
  • Shareholders No
  • Beneficial Owners No

Annual Filing Requirements

  • Annual Return No
  • Audited Accounts No

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